Currently the pyPTE package delivers three examples which shall demonstrate the usage of the phase transfer entropy method.

Standard Kuramoto model

The standard Kuramoto model is a globally coupled system of linear differential equations of first order. It represents the phase behaviour of a set of coupled oscillators with respect to their intrinsinc frequencies and a global coupling strength.

Neural mass model

This example incorporates an implementation of the stochastic non-linear dynamics of coupled cortical columns based on [Jansen1995] and [Wendling2000]


Ben H. Jansen and Vincent G. Rit. Electroencephalogram and visual evoked potential generation in a mathematical model of coupled cortical columns. Biological Cybernetics, 73:357-366, 1995 doi:10.1007/BF00199471


Wendling, F. and Bellanger, J. J. and Bartolomei, F. and Chauvel, P. Relevance of nonlinear lumped-parameter models in the analysis of depth-EEG epileptic signals. Biological Cybernetics. 2000 doi:10.1007/s004220000160

mne-python sample data set

This example illustrates how to extract data from a mne raw object, which can be fed into pyPTE. If you want to incorporate data from other software packages than MNE, please refer to the MNE documentation how to import raw data from other fileformats.