Installation Guide

The prerequisites for this package are:


  • a working Python installation, version 3.6 or higher

  • git

  • NumPy

  • SciPy


  • mne-python

  • pandas

  • seaborn


To prevent Python module incompatibilities using a virtual environment like

  • conda

  • pyenv

is highly recommendable. If you are planning to use mne-python, an Anaconda3 installation is mandandory.

Step 1: Download pyPTE via GitHub

Clone into the public GitHub repository using:

> git clone

Step 2: Build pyPTE

Build the pyPTE package and make it available to your Python interpreter by:

> cd pyPTE
> python install

Step 3: Test pyPTE

To test the installation of pyPTE simply run:

> cd test
> py.test